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Information for Employers Are you an employer looking to host interns? Visit our Work Experience program page for employers by clicking here.

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Make up to $5,000 and build up your work experience!

The Work Experience Program is designed to provide meaningful work experience and career development opportunities. Participants can earn up to $5,000 while gaining valuable skills and building professional networks.

Wage Length Hours
Up to $24/hour Work up to 120 – 320 hours total Up to 40 hours per week

*The wage, length, and hours of the internship may vary depending on the site. For more information about current opportunities and their specific details, you can browse our list of open positions here.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must reside in Pierce County and have the legal right to work in the U.S
  • Must be at least 16 years old

Job Readiness & Exploration

Education Services

Workshops & Skill-building

Support Services

Benefits of a Paid Internship

Skill Development

Interns acquire industry-specific skills and knowledge. This practical experience is often more immediate and applicable than classroom learning, aiding in the transition from training to the workforce.

Networking Opportunities

Interns get the chance to connect with professionals and experts in their field of interest. These connections can be crucial for future job opportunities and career advancement.

Increased Employability

Paid internships often make a candidate more appealing to future employers. The experience gained is seen as valuable, and the commitment to a paid position often reflects positively on the individual’s work ethic and reliability.

Enhanced Confidence & Professional Identity

Engaging in a paid internship helps interns develop a sense of professionalism and builds confidence in a workplace setting. It allows them to understand their career interests and goals better, fostering a clearer professional identity.

Program Impact Since 2019
  • 256 individuals placed in paid internships.
  • 71 businesses received an intern.
  • 34011 hours worked by interns for local businesses.
  • $564,593 in wages paid to interns and saved by businesses.

Success Stories

Read success stories about others who have participated in WorkSource internship programs in the past. Click on a picture to read more.

Emma R.

Milo G.

Maryah H.

Available Positions

Below are the internship positions available for our Work Experience program. To apply for an internship, use the contact form below to see whether you are the right fit for our program.

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