Maryah H.

Maryah H.

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Maryah came to the WorkSource Pierce office in Tacoma seeking immediate employment. As a single mom, she was at risk of losing her house and car, and her phone had been shut off due to the dire financial situation she was in. While Maryah had several employment certifications, she was struggling to navigate the competitive job market and find permanent employment.

Career Advisors at WorkSource Pierce were able to connect Maryah with an employer to interview for a paid internship position. She was hired the very next day!

The internship provided Maryah with the opportunity for immediate employment and a livable wage of $22/hour to provide for her family. She can now search for future permanent employment while continuing to grow her skills and develop professionally.

While in her internship, Maryah plans to begin courses to earn her Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and increase her earnings. She will use her CDL to gain permanent employment to become completely self-sufficient.