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The WorkSource Pierce One-Stop Center is open for select in-person workforce services by appointment only.

Talk one-on-one with a WorkSource representative about career options, job search, training, business services, and more. Schedule an appointment to meet in person, over the phone, or through a video call.

Please Note: Appointment scheduling in Pierce County is only available for the WorkSource Pierce One-Stop Center. For more information about the One-Stop Center or our other WorkSource connection sites, visit our Locations page.

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Call us today to schedule your appointment!

To schedule your appointment over the phone, press the button below or dial (253) 593-7300

Online appointment scheduling coming soon.

Online appointment scheduling at WorkSource Pierce will begin Fall 2021. Please call us at (253) 593-7300 to schedule your appointment over the phone.

To schedule an appointment at a WorkSource Center outside of Pierce County, visit the WorkSource WA scheduler page.