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Caring with Compassion Community

Disclosure: This internship is only available to WIOA participants that have been enrolled and connected with a Case Manager. This internship is available at this time and may not still be available when you are eligible to be placed. Talk to your WIOA Case Manager for more information. To learn more about local services available:

Intern Opportunity Details:

  • Internship Wage: Minimum to $20/hr
  • Intern Can Work Up to: 40 Hours per week
  • Minimum Internship Length: 120 Hours
  • Maximum Internship Length: 320 Hours

Organization Overview

  • Caring with Compassion Community (CwCC) envisions a fellowship of peers dedicated to establishing a supportive and safe environment for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and underserved marginalized individuals. These individuals may be victims of criminal assault, have experienced trauma, or face emotional, mental, or physical disabilities, and encounter barriers on their path to holistic wellness. CwCC's mission revolves around providing person-centered care through a trauma-informed approach, ensuring the physical and mental well-being of BIPOC and underserved individuals, including victims of criminal assault. We are committed to supporting each individual's potential, recognizing and enhancing their strengths, and valuing their purpose within the community.

CwCC Internship Position #1: Administrative Assistant

Data Entry Task:

  • The intern will utilize the Advanced MD software (electronic healthcare record-EHR) system to create new files for community member enrollees. They will be given demographic information (name, date of birth, address/zip code, etc.) and Medicaid health insurance details (PROVIDERONE number ending in WA) to input data from assessments completed by CwCC Peer Navigators Advocates/staff.
  • The intern will generate new enrollee AdvancedMD portal links for those with personal emails to receive electronic documents, sign them, and receive messages from Peer Navigators Advocate.
  • The intern will be responsible for scheduling and setting up appointments with Peer Navigators Advocates in AdvancedMD to aid Peer Navigators Advocates in managing documentation and encounters with community members.

Organizing/Filing/Emails Task:

  • The intern will manage incoming emails from the CwCC website (, respond to inquiries, create electronic folders for relevant materials and resources, and inform the Executive Director of significant emails/inquiries such as funding notifications, opportunities, new referrals, etc.
  • Creation of electronic files/folders for volunteer candidate inquiries and other relevant documentation.
  • Organization of Google Calendar invites for CwCC team meetings with agendas, attendance at scheduled team meetings (Mondays, 7:30am-9:30am), note-taking, agenda creation, and follow-ups on agenda items. The intern will also maintain an electronic folder for CwCC notes and agendas.
  • Development of a resource guide containing various community resources for Peer Navigators Advocates to share with community members. The intern will be provided with some resources by CwCC staff to compile a database of resources. They are expected to contact community resources to inquire about services, ensuring the information provided to community members is accurate. The resource database should include contact information, contact persons (if available), a summary of services, and criteria.