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Pierce County Roofers Virtual Hiring Event – May 11th

Pierce County Roofers is looking for Roofers Apprentices!  This organization trains, and places Roofers Apprentices with different contractors where an individual will apprentice with them.  They also simultaneously start a training program through Clover Park, that trains them on the basics of roofing. This is there to help a person succeed in their apprenticeship and allows the person the ability to get to a journeyman level.

Remember, Apprentices are paid a starting pay of $22.53 an hour.  Pay is bumped up every thousand hours until an individual is paid as a journeyman.  This is living wage pay, that can allow individuals the ability to live a high quality of life. 

Also: entry into the apprenticeship program will result in union membership with the Roofers Local 153.

*The Pierce County Roofers are a proud second chance employer.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Minimum of 10th grade education
  • This is a low barrier to entry, program!

Two Sessions:

1st Session:   11:15 AM
2nd Session:  12:15 PM

Now Hiring

  • Roofers Apprentices
  • Roofers


Pierce, Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, Clark

Starting Pay

$22.53 an hour


  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Chiropractic
  • 2 Supplemental Pensions
  • Training in Pierce County on a monthly basis
  • Every thousand hours makes an individual eligible for a pay increase until journeyman status ($41.24 an hour)

Pre-register for the Event by emailing your Resume to

Carl Peterson at cpeterson@esd.wa.gov

Instructions to attend the Event

via WebEx:

** Download WEBEX App onto your Computer or Smart Phone/Tablet – www.webex.com

Or, Simply Click Below



Instructions to attend by Phone:

** Call +1-404-397-1516 (US Toll)
or +1-877-309-3457 (US Toll Free)
(ACCESS CODE): 187 865 3439

Event Details:

Pierce County Roofers Virtual Hiring Event

WebEx Online Event

Tuesday, May 11th

1st Session:   11:15 AM
2nd Session:  12:15 PM

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