Economic Impact Payment information

Economic Impact Payment information 1

The IRS will soon be issuing Economic Impact Payments to every eligible American. Help is needed to reach individuals who do not normally file because they do not have enough income that requires them to file. This includes the homeless, certain seniors and some limited English-proficient individuals who will need to provide information to the IRS to get their Economic Impact Payment.

Eligible Social Security recipients and railroad retirees who are otherwise not required to file a return will not be required to file a return or provide further information.

More information is being added to Please follow the IRS Social Media accounts

If someone does not file taxes or get Social Security, the IRS has mentioned it will set up a “simple web portal” to submit information, though details on that are still coming. In the meantime, TurboTax has launched its own free web portal to submit direct-deposit information to the IRS.