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Drive-in WiFi hotspots

Drive-in Wi-Fi Hotspots

Sent on behalf of Washington State Department of Commerce.

Depending on where you live, lack of high-speed internet access means some seniors can’t refill prescriptions, furloughed workers can’t apply for unemployment benefits, small businesses can’t access financial assistance, and students can’t do their homework. It is absolutely essential to make affordable broadband universally available to strengthen communities throughout the state.This week, in partnership with state and local agencies, Washington State University, Microsoft and the Avista Foundation, 140 new drive-in Wi-Fi hotspots are available to the public free of charge. Additionally, 301 existing Washington State Library hotspots add to a growing broadband network across the state. All told, some 600 public hotspots will soon be available to keep Washington communities connected.

Read more in this press release from the Washington State Department of Commerce and watch video of a virtual press conference conducted from some of these hotspots around the state.

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