Linda C. 1

Linda C.

Linda found the next step in her career with the help of the WorkSource Pierce partners.

She recently stopped by the center to let the team know she was hired as a project manager for Lease Crutcher Lewis, a construction firm out of Seattle. Her first project will be working on the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Linda said her success is due to the support of WorkSource Pierce Career Advisors.

“I had a huge team that was backing and supporting me,” she said. “They helped me finalize a resume and touch some things up. They also helped me get my confidence back that was chipped away when my entire department was eliminated.”

Linda said she attended some local job fairs supported by WorkSource Pierce and used the team to prepare for interviews.

“Being able to practice my elevator speech really helped me find success in my second round of interviews,” she said. “My first interview, I froze and couldn’t find my words. Working with the WorkSource Pierce team really helped me find my confidence again.”