Christine H.

Christine H.

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After 15 years with the same company, Christine found herself unemployed. The stress of this life change and the challenges of navigating the process of finding a new job after so long brought her to WorkSource Pierce at the South Hill Mall in Puyallup.

There, Christine was supported by Sandra Calvillo, who serves as the One-Stop Operator for WorkSource Pierce. Together, they worked on elevating her resume and creating an Indeed profile. She was able to apply for several positions in her career field right there at the WorkSource office.

“The services I received at the WorkSource Pierce office provided me with confidence that I can still find work,” Christine said.

“We created a strategy for her and outlined daily goals,” Sandra said. “She was so thrilled with the service she received and confident about her ability to succeed. She also shared how grateful she was that we had an office conveniently located in East Pierce County at the South Hill Mall.”