Jobseeker Resources & Guides

Find resources to help you in your job search, including resume templates and interview prep.

WorkSource Pierce connects people with training programs and jobs to help them succeed at any stage in life. Resources are available to job seekers from all backgrounds, regardless of past work history or educational attainment. Whether new to the job market or ready to seek fresh opportunities, WorkSource Pierce is here to help.

Module 2

Skills & Abilities

Learn to identify, demonstrate and package, with confidence, your skills and personal qualities in ways that will be meaningful to employers.

Jobseeker Resources & Guides 1

Skills & Abilities classroom workbook

Jobseeker Resources & Guides 2

Printable Worksheet: Skills & Abilities

Module 4

Job Applications

Learn how employers read applications and how to be better prepared to meet an employer’s expectations. Organize and communicate your skills and abilities in a way that stands out from the crowd.

Jobseeker Resources & Guides 5

Job Applications classroom workbook

Jobseeker Resources & Guides 6

Printable Worksheet: Job Applications

Module 5

Resumes & Correspondence

Learn how two of the four primary pieces of job-search-related communication convey to a prospective employer who you are, what you know and what you have to offer.

Jobseeker Resources & Guides 7

Resumes & Correspondence classroom workbook

Jobseeker Resources & Guides 8

Printable Worksheet: Resumes & Correspondence

Module 6


Learn valuable interviewing tips and have the chance to practice answers to frequently asked—and sometimes difficult—questions in a supportive, realistic environment.

Jobseeker Resources & Guides 9

Interviewing classroom workbook

Jobseeker Resources & Guides 10

Printable Worksheet: Interviewing