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If your business is experiencing a reduction in the workforce, we will support your business and the affected workers with our Layoff Assistance services.

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Layoff Response Services

Layoff Response Services are designed to assist your business and your employees in the event of a layoff, plant closing, or reduction in force (RIF).

Our services can help you develop a comprehensive and effective plan, and possibly minimize or avoid the need to reduce your staff.  We want what is best for you, your business, and your impacted employees. As a result, we work closely with your team to deliver a customized response.

If a layoff should occur, WorkSource can help workers ease the transition between jobs.  Studies show people who use WorkSource services tend to find work faster and earn more money than individuals that do not.


Protects the reputation of the business and demonstrates corporate social responsibility
Higher productivity and worker morale; lower unemployment insurance costs
Discover alternatives to layoffs, including Northwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center, Temporary Layoff, and Customized Training

Support for your business

On-site Layoff orientation

Provides the affected employees with critical information medical insurance, unemployment insurance basics, and training opportunities


Our workshops are currently being conducted virtually to refresh workers’ knowledge of hiring best practices, resumé building, interviewing, and job-search strategies

Targeted Hiring Events & Job Fairs

WorkSource offers large-scale opportunities to connect the employees with job opportunities consistent with their skills and knowledge sets

WorkSource Personal Consultation

Job-seekers can meet with one of our personal employment coaches

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)

When the layoff is a result of foreign trade, we can help everyone understand the many benefits available through the TAA program

Outplacement Services

Outplacement services assist businesses that may need to eliminate a position within their organization.  Assistance is provided to help the impacted employees transition to new jobs and to re-orient themselves in the job market.

The best businesses provide re-employment solutions to the employees who have been strong and loyal to your organization. Every scenario is different.  Our confidential services are customized to meet the exact need of the business and its impacted employees at every phase of the process.  Let us help you tailor our services to meet your needs.

As a collaborative partner, WorkSource works with human resources and leadership teams offering assistance in the areas of communication strategies, on-site services, and ongoing guidance and support.


Protects the business’s reputation and demonstrates corporate social responsibility
Increase employee engagement and lessens chance of employee lawsuit
Minimizes the business’s unemployment insurance payments

Support for your business

Fact gathering meetings

Once we better understand your situation, we can get to work on creating solutions

Brainstorming sessions

By working as a team, we can include your input as we identify the exact action needing to be taken

Labor market review

Demand/decline occupations; salary expectations


Customized informational meetings that address the immediate needs of both leadership and the impacted employees

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