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Amarye C.

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Prior to connecting to an internship program facilitated by WorkSource Pierce, Amarye was experiencing homelessness and suffering from addiction, anxiety, and depression. Through the young adult internship program and wraparound services offered through WorkSource and Goodwill, Amarye was connected with a housing program and job placement.

The program set her up with the technology needed to do her work, and when she encountered a medical challenge, her case manager and employer worked with her to create remote projects so she could continue working as she healed.

“This is the best program,” Amarye said. “They never gave up on me and kept me motivated to keep pushing and going.”

In the future, Amarye is considering going to school, and she wants to find permanent housing and to stay clean. She also wants to help other children and young adults get off the streets and is considering becoming a hip-hop dancer.