Interested in college? Funds may be available!

Are you interested in going to school? Funds may be available.

The following resources are available to assist potential students with tuition and additional academic supports while earning a professional or technical certificate or degree..


Are you…

  • Receiving or received Washington State Unemployment benefits in the last 48 months?
  • A veteran discharged within the last 48 months?
  • Transitioning out of military service in the next 12 months?
  • A Displaced Homemaker who experienced loss of income due to death, divorce/separation or layoff of the income-earning partner or family member?
  • Formerly self-employed?
  • Having to work a part-time or lower paid job?
  • Needing to upgrade skills to remain employed?

The Worker Retraining program may be able to provide financial support to cover the cost of tuition and books as well as other additional academic supports for eligible individuals.

Funds for College flyer

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