EMPLOYER EXTRA: Farmer’s Insurance Protégé Apprentice Agent

Extra Extra: Farmer’s Insurance

Farmer’s Insurance is now recruiting for Protégé Apprentice Agents in University Place. This is a one-year paid internship being hosted by a Mentor Agency Owner.

Key Responsibilities

  • Meet Production Requirements to stay in and graduate the program
  • Mentor Agency Owner stipulations will apply
  • 24 months to complete all eligibility requirements in place at time of appointment


  • Successful licensing within 30 days and completion of all required modules in first week
  • Required to write a minimum of 18 P/C policies and 1 Life monthly
  • Solicits and writes new business for own specialist department
  • Provides underwriting and rating for new accounts
  • Additional requirements determined when hired

Wages: One-year internship – $2,500/month plus bonuses

District Mentors are responsible for housing the Protégé Agent and paying the required salary plus any other agreed upon bonuses. The Mentor and Protégé Agents will enter into a contract listing the above items as well as other internal items that the contract states at the time of hiring.

To set up an interview: Contact Al Schilling, Executive Recruiter for District 10 at al.alewis@farmersagency.com or call 253-686-1574