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418 Intelligence Cybersecurity Training

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Launch your career in cybersecurity today!

418 Intelligence offers two cyber training and skills development cohort programs that develop participants’ job-ready skills with the tools and technology used today and real-world cyber threats.

What you get

Coaching for entry-level cybersecurity certifications

Hands-on skills practice in cyber threat investigations and triage

Live threat data work individually and in teams

Certifications and credentials appropriate to the position

You may qualify to get paid while you train

A FOUR18 cybersecurity cohort student analyzes code

Open the door to quality jobs in cybersecurity!

The IT/InfoSec Specialist Program (8 weeks) prepares cohorts of people for an entry-level IT Service Management and Cybersecurity certification. No formal IT background is required, but participants should complete a basic preparatory pre-requisite IT course or have experience in call center IT support, a similar role, or assessed aptitude and acceptable backgrounds. This program offers coaching and the opportunity to acquire hands-on skills in cyber threat investigations and triage, leading to employment or advancement in IT Service Management with cybersecurity service desk responsibilities.

The Junior Cybersecurity Analyst Program (16 weeks) prepares people to obtain an entry-level cybersecurity analyst position. Participants should have some prior applied IT work experience or educational background, including cyber certificate holders and college degree holders that have not yet entered the workforce. The program offers the opportunity to obtain certified hands-on skills in cyber threat intelligence and level 1 malware analysis, plus competence in all critical areas of general cybersecurity knowledge.

Program Requirements

  • GED or High School diploma
  • Have completed a preparatory pre-requisite IT course or experience in call center IT service
  • Have completed the 418 Intelligence Assessments and cohort selection process
  • Ability to attend class virtually

What you'll learn

IT/InfoSec Specialist Program

Skills to earn a Cyber Threat Open Source Intelligence badge credential

Preparation to pass the ITIL 4 Foundations and CompTIA Security+ certifications

Hands-on skills in cyber threat investigations and triage

Junior Cybersecurity Analyst Program

Security Operations Center analyst skills

Security+ Certification and level 1 malware analysis from real practitioners

Learn the playbook hackers use in conducting cyberattacks

Gain hands-on experience in recognizing and investigating cybersecurity threats with professional tools

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