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How can we connect you with the right workers to fill your open positions? Helping you hire the right candidates starts with a kick-off conversation to determine how we can be most effective throughout your hiring process.

Based on our experience and understanding of the local market, our Business Solutions partners will coordinate with you to find employees and fill your positions in a simple, efficient and affordable way.

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Find employees for your business


We’ll create promotional materials to tell job seekers you’re hiring.

Partner Presentations

We’ll connect you with community partners and agencies that operate training and workplace preparation programs.

Hiring Fairs

We’ll staff hiring events for you either at your location or ours, reviewing resumes and interviewing applicants on the spot. At the end of the event, you’ll have a list of qualified candidates from whom to select.

Candidate Searches

Looking for someone with a highly specialized skill-set and significant experience in a critical position? Our expert recruiters will find candidates on your behalf using a variety of methods and can arrange confidential interviews.

Application Management

As one of our most popular services, we’ll manage your job listings and application flow to help ensure you only interview people who meet your minimum qualifications.

Resume Review

Stack of resumes? No problem. Our team will review and screen them for you, handing you only the ones that best fit your job description and other needs.

Interviewing Assistance

Our team will coordinate and conduct interviews with your top job candidates and provide a written summary of what we find so you can make a well-informed decision.

Market Assessment

Before you hire, you should know what you’re up against.

  • What salary do your competitors pay for the same or similar positions?
  • How hot is the local market for job applicants in your particular line of work?
  • Who else is hiring from the same candidate pool?
  • What other job titles require similar skills and could offer new avenues for recruitment?

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